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Thousand flowers honey: highly variable color depending on bloom, goes from an light amber to a dark amber .It is one of most popular and extended honeys. Clearly sweet taste, it may be tinged with a hint of acidity if there is presence of citrus, lipped or pinkish, salted notes if there is presence of Lucerne, or bitter notes if chestnut trees blooms are involved. Its aroma is floral, more or less intense and persistent. The thousand flowers honey proceeds, as its name indicates, bees that liban flowers of different species that are found within its radius of action. Its main benefits are:
• Ideal to combat the physical and mental exhaustion.
• Promotes digestion and is antiseptic.
• Cicatrizant properties.
• Rich in vitamin B and calcium.

To keep this food's natural qualities for a long time it is necessary that your container is properly locked and keep in a dry place protected from direct sunlight. Pure honey solidifies (crystallizes) when the temperature drops below 20 ° C during time. To retrieve their liquid texture is recommended to put jar to the bath maria and stir. This feature confirms the purity of the honey. Honey quality, without pretreating. Bottled directly from the hive with health registration. Honey natural or raw, without pasteurization or microfiltration, processes that transform the honey into soft and liquid but varies its composition and properties.

Tip: The thousand flowers honey is one of honeys more balanced and complete by its large number of different pollen and nectar that make it up. A healthy practice would be replace in the daily diet, sugar for honey, being this last a natural sweetener .You can take in infusions, milk, curds and natural yoghurts, breakfast or as a complement to salads and even to make sauces.

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