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General Questions

There are two ways to register on our website:

  • 1._ Accessing the registration form to be informed of the latest news, promotions and deals we offer on our website. In addition to place orders at any time you want, just by entering your email and password.
  • 2._ If you select any of our products on the Web, this leads them to the shopping cart where after confirming your order, you will fill out a simple form with your personal data and contact information.
    Once followed these steps, you will be registered as customers in our database to access our website with your email and password on subsequent occasions for further orders.

After selecting any of our products, the web will give you access to the shopping cart, where you will see the products you have added to your order. At this point, you can decide:

  • If you have finished your order, you must click on the button "Checkout".
  • If you have not completed your order, click the button "keep shopping" to continue to add products to your cart or order.

Once you finished your order, if you are not registered on our website, you must do to keep track of your personal data and contact information. If you are already a regular customer, enter your username and password to access your account where you can finalize and confirm your order.

Already registered, you must follow a series of steps, which are necessary to know, for example, to address or payment method you want to make your order.

To purchase through our website there are two options:

  • Credit Card - You can through our website by the gateway of La Caixa.
  • PayPal - Additional security for debit and credit cards. When making a payment with credit or debit card through PayPal, since no data on that card is revealed and is very fast. You will also receive fraud prevention tools and unique safety features of PayPal. More information.


About Our Products

Our oranges, tangerines, lemons and grapefruit are not cold-stored. They are picked as soon as your order is received and then shipped, so that they reach you in perfect condition.
No. We use no chemicals for ripening or cleaning. The oranges ripen on the tree. That’s why they taste as fresh and sweet as they should. They are picked and shipped to you with no additional chemicals at all.
The real weight is the weight indicated on our website, i.e. without including the weight of the packing material used.
Yes. There are no additional costs. You can pay by PayPal or credit card.
Oranges keep well in a cool room for two weeks or more. Do not keep them in a warm, poorly ventilated room. If you keep them in the fridge they will last much longer, but you should expect them to lose some of their sweetness and natural charm.
You can freeze peeled orange segments to be added to cold drinks or tea, yes. Only bitter oranges should be frozen whole, if you are intend to use them later for cooking. A handy tip is to keep a container with orange peel in the fridge to be used in the kitchen.
No, our produce is not classed as organic, but we comply with all the EUREP standards, the key features of which are: Food safety and protecting the environment; improving controls of the use and distribution of pesticides; reducing harmful active materials, including non-chemical ones; and encouraging reduced or zero pesticide use.

Problems with Orders

If your order has not arrived at 17:00 the day of delivery, contact us and we ourselves take care of everything.
Before signing the shipping list check the goods, if you detect a problem, let them know the dealer. The order will enter a given state but not in optimal conditions of transport, this means that you can stay with that request, and we will send another in good condition and at no cost to you.
If you are not at home when transportation arrives, they will leave a note. If you want you can call them and tell the specific time, on the same or next day, you want to make delivery, or you can go to the delegation where is your order.
If you will not be home the day of delivery, when ordering you can specify another address (work, family, trusted person) without any problem on our part.