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Tangerine ClemenPons just as the ClemenRubi are tangerines very early-rising therefore are the first to reach our tables. Sweet and with much juice, to be the first fruits are the most desired, slightly tired summer fruit like already start with the fruit par excellence of the winter, oranges and Valencian tangerines, freshly picked from the orchard and placed at your door in 24 hours.

Do you know that? The fruits of Mandarin and Clementine de Nules are virtually identical, only the Clementine ripe before the Nulera. Being the color shape and taste very similar.

On transport, you will receive a box of 18 real kilos of tangerines, ripened on the tree, freshly picked and put in your door in 24 hours, when you try them will have the feeling that the Valencian Orchard has come to your home, try the delicious tangerines fresh and natural without chemical treatments of maturation.

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