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Fabulous mixed box of 18 kilos of Washington Orange and Tangerine Hernandina that will come to your table in conditions optimal, as if you had them in your own field 12 kilos of Orange and 6 kilos Tangerine. Orange Washington, one of the varieties most widely used in our tables during the months of December and January, a product of great quality, good sized, delicious flavor, at their point of sugar since it is ripened on the tree. Tangerine Hernadina, variety that we enjoy like Orange Washington in the months of December and January, that is present in mixed boxes, due to the climate in those months the Orange is hard and in perfect condition for transport. At the Christmas table can not miss delicious oranges and mandarins of the Valencian Orchard, the bright orange of these two varieties gladden your table decoration on these holidays. Did you know what?, in 1910 the agricultural farm from Burjasot introduced in Spain the Washington Navel variety, and although at the beginning it was not well received by its navel and large size, its excellent qualities made its cultivation extends throughout the area harvesting, constituting half a century later and until a few years ago our citrus fruit production base.

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