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Grapefruit, a sweet and refreshing taste of pink or yellow on the inside, extraordinary texture and amazing fragrance, make them a delicious meal. Grapefruits are an ideal complement to breakfast, salads or create an exotic dessert. In 150 grams of a grapefruit has 60 calories and provides 130% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin C, and is an excellent source of potassium. Do you know that? Grapefruit are native to Southeast Asia and which arrived in China around the year 100-200 BC. Grapefruits today, still a treatment popular in Asian cultures, especially in the new year Chinese, as a symbol of good luck and prosperity. Boxes of 18 kilos of grapefruit tree-ripened, hand caught and selected carefully, in order to ensure its unique taste and fragrance. Grapefruit growing in a same tree tend to have different sizes, therefore they come to you big and small but are all of the same quality.

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We sell our Star Ruby grapefruit, a variety very similar to the Marsh, the difference being the pigmentation of the fruit, the bark is yellow presenting pink areas and the pulp has a pink hue. The intensity of the coloring is due to the warm climate where it is grown, the warmer the climate, the more color the grapefruit has.

Its flavor is sweeter and less bitter than other varieties, with absence of seeds is recommended for juice, especially in slimming diets, although it is delicious in salads and jams.

It was introduced in Spain in 1984 from Texas (United States).