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Oranges And Tangerines Direct to your Home

Welcome to this website on oranges, where you can buy the finest quality Valencia oranges, freshly picked, with no middle-men, and integrated farming. Citrus fruit from the tree to your home in only 2-4 days. Retail orange sales to private individuals. For orders outside Europe, please contact us. Take advantage of our multiple methods of payment, by credit card or PayPal, try our 100% natural Valencia oranges and tangerines, with no chemicals added during handling and no intermediaries. All our prices include VAT and shipping costs. If you have any queries or wish to make an order, please e-mail us. Buy from our shop. Fees and Transportation included in Price.

Custom Box 18 Kg
Custom Box 18 Kg

45.00 € - Box 18 Kg

Grapefruit 18 Kg
Grapefruit 18 Kg

42.00 € - Box 18 Kg

Blood Oranges 15Kg
Blood Oranges 15Kg

42.00 € - Box 15 Kg

45  Gourmet Oranges
45 Gourmet Oranges

45.00 € - Box 12 Kg

When you buy oranges, not only buy oranges if we serve the product directly from the tree,  oranges and tangerines on the table, as we take them. 

HORT ALBA GARCES, is a family of farmers who only intend to sell our oranges, tangerines, lemons, grapefruit and pumpkin, straight from the tree to the consumer, for you to try the taste of the excellent Valencia orange and mandarin. 

Oranges and tangerines integrated farming, one hundred percent natural. Oranges and tangerines are ripened on the tree without any chemical ripening oranges that will be on your table within 24 hours, all our oranges and tangerines are collected and handled in the traditional way.

The purchase of oranges and tangerines, occupy a wide range of varieties and months. The navel oranges (November, December). Navel Orange Washintong (December, January). Lane Late Navel Orange (February, March, April).  

In selling of Mandarins. Mandarina clemenrubi (October). Clementine mandarin (October, November, December). Hernandina Tangerine (December, January, February). Mandarina Nadorcott (February, March, April).

The maturity date and duration of oranges and mandarins depend on the weather each year.  

Sale of oranges businesses and restaurants. Personalize shipments of oranges and tangerines to, corporate gifts and individuals. 

When buying oranges and tangerines, you do not just buy a product, but a host of new sensations that set us apart from those oranges and tangerines, you ate earlier.